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Abon / Accurate (USA)

Inverness Medical Innovations Hong Kong, a subsidiary of Alere Inc. a world leader in the field of diagnostic products which are used by consumers and healthcare professionals. Our goal is to increase revenue and profitability for our partners by supplying the highest quality, cost effective diagnostic products.

Inverness Medical Innovations Hong Kong is previous international sales team of Acon Rapid test in the Asia Pacific, Latin America, South America, the Middle East, Africa, India, Pakistan, Russia, and parts of Eastern Europe territories.

The Inverness Medical Innovations Hong Kong product portfolio mainly encompasses Drugs of Abuse, Women's Health, Infectious Diseases, Oncology and Cardiology testing. Most of our products are US FDA cleared and CE-Marked.

Rapid Tests:

Infectious Disease:  HCV,  HBsAg,  HIV,  MALARIA Combo,  DENGUE IgG/IgM,  RPR SYPHILIS,  HBV,  H.PYLORI,  TB,  HBeAg,  Typhoid IgM / IgG

Tumor Marker:  AFP, PSA, FOB, CEA

Cardiac Marker:  Tropinin I, Myoglobin


Women 's Health:  HCG , LH OVULATION