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Laboratory Diagnostics / Cenogenics USA

Cenogenics Corporation is a fully-integrated manufacturer and marketer of high quality diagnostic products. Company offers complete private branding and contract manufacturing services to help our partners formulate and package a variety of medical diagnostic products. It is FDA registered IVD manufacturer, certified to ISO 2001, ISO 13485 and ISO 13485 CMDCAS Standards with substantial experience in providing services worldwide. Cenogenics Corporation brings well-developed experience to the manufacture of a broad range of diagnostic products. Interestingly, a manufacturing subsidiary of ours, Laboratory Diagnostics Company, was among the earliest developers of the guaiac occult blood slide. Now our Occult Blood Test is used worldwide to detect the early bleeding signs often indicative of colorectal cancer.

  • Salmonella Group A Antigen (AO)
  • Widal Antigen Paratyphoid A (AH)
  • Widal Antigen Typhoid H(TH)
  • Salmonella Group B Antigen (BO)
  • Widal Antigen Paratyphoid B (BH)
  • Widal Antigen Ttyphoid O (TO)
  • Brucella Melitensis
  • Brucella Abortus Ferbile
  • Positive Control
  • Single Slide Stool Blood (occult Blood)
  • Serological Products